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Lorin J. Zaner

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DUI Defense Lawyer in Toledo
Arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Ohio or Michigan?

If you have been stopped for DUI, you may be wondering what rights you have and how to protect yourself. First of all, you should always reach out to a Toledo criminal defense attorney for advice right away. Choosing a lawyer who is familiar with DUI laws and the consequences of testing is essential. At the Law Office of Lorin Zaner, we are knowledgeable and experienced in representing all different types of DUI cases.
Field Performance Testing

There are a number of field performance tests that law enforcement may administer. It is important that you do not take any of these tests. They are not really looking to determine if you are under the influence of alcohol, they are looking for evidence to use against you. If they believe the field tests support their conclusion that you are under the influence, they may arrest you.
The field tests you should not take include:
Horizontal gaze (Pen Test)
Walking a straight line and turning (Walk and Turn)
One leg stand
Protable breath test
You do not have to take these tests and, depending on the circumstances, there may be no consequence for your failure to do so. Though you may be considered uncooperative and arrested, they will likely arrest you anyway. It is your right to tell law enforcement officials that you would like to speak with a Toledo criminal defense lawyer or that your attorney has advised against doing these tests.
Chemical Testing - Breath, Blood, & Urine

There may be times where you will have no choice as to whether or not to submit to tests. If you are unconscious, if you are transported for medical treatment, if the police obtain a search warrant, or if you refuse to cooperate, you could be facing an automatic felony.
If you refuse to take a test, you could lose your right to drive and face a short suspension followed by possible limited occupational privileges. You will need to consider how much alcohol you consumed before submitting to taking the test.

Street Address:
520 Madison Ave Toledo Ohio Suite 545


Phone:   (419) 242-8214

Lorin J. Zaner

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Lorin J. Zaner
520 Madison Ave Toledo Ohio Suite 545

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