www.localduilawyer.com http://www.www.localduilawyer.com Gene Raymond Beaty Beaty Law FirmNeed Legal assistance?Ask our attorney. http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-gene-raymond-beaty-3289.html http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-gene-raymond-beaty-3289.html Ward Merdes Fairbanks Dui lawyer More than 25 years of helping Alaskans hurt in automobile accidents, and the families of Alaskans killed in car crashes have taught us a few things.Merdes Law Office has helped ... http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-ward-merdes-fairbanks-1.html http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-ward-merdes-fairbanks-1.html Joel L. Sogol Call Now For Your Case Evaluation205-345-0966Tuscaloosa AL DUI Lawyer - Joel L. Sogol811 21st Ave.Tuscaloosa, AL 35401205-345-0966Counties Served:Bibb County, ALFayette County, ALGreene County, ALHale County, ALLamar County, ALMarengo County, ALPickens ... http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-joel-l-sogol-4.html http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-joel-l-sogol-4.html Patrick Barbary While driving in Brevard County, you have been arrested for your first DUI. The arresting officer has taken your driver’s license and suspended your privilege to drive. You have never ... http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-patrick-barbary-44.html http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-patrick-barbary-44.html Steven A. Holt Serving Hamilton County And Central Indiana Since 1975For decades, the Holt Legal Group has served the needs of clients throughout the Indianapolis area. Our firm provides skilled and experienced assistance ... http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-steven-a-holt-72.html http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-steven-a-holt-72.html Kenneth D. Van Colen - Fall River DUI Lawyer The Law Office of Burke, Espinola, & van Colen, in Fall River, offers something different. My name is Kenneth D. van Colen and I practice law in the South Eastern ... http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-kenneth-d-van-84.html http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-kenneth-d-van-84.html Bellanca, Beatie & DeLisle Experience our 360-degree approach to the law.We invite you to contact us to learn more about the 360º approach we take at Bellanca LaBarge. Business owners often need more than ... http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-bellanca-beatie-delisle-96.html http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-bellanca-beatie-delisle-96.html Kurt Olson DUIIf you are convicted of any “drinking and driving” or other alcohol related driving offense, you may have trouble traveling into other countries, especially Canada.Home DUIDon’t Let One Drunk Driving ... http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-kurt-olson-97.html http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-kurt-olson-97.html Cobb & Cobb Call Now For Your Case Evaluation845-565-0500Newburgh DUI Law Firm - Cobb & Cobb83 South 9th StreetNoblesville, IN 46060845-565-0500Counties Served:Dutchess County, NYOrange County, NYRockland County, NYWestchester County, NYPractice Areas:DUI/DWIBusinessCriminal Law - ... http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-cobb-cobb-144.html http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-cobb-cobb-144.html Jane LaRock WATERTOWN NEW YORK DUI LAWYERJANE LAROCKCall Now For Your Case Evaluation315-782-5871Watertown New York DUI Lawyer - Jane LaRock83 South 9th StreetWatertown, NY 13601315-782-5871Counties Served:Jerfferson County, NYLewis County, NYSt. Lawrence County, ... http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-jane-larock-147.html http://www.localduilawyer.com/listing-jane-larock-147.html